Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Miss Her, Kiss Her, Love Her, That Girl Is Poison

Voting closed!
Thanks to those of you who participated in the survey.
The results were conclusive but before we get to that here are the comments included with the votes.
"hope i voted for the anonymous coworker!"

You would, hater.
"While there are some beautiful, beautiful selections in #2, I think #1 brings the most r&b-est, deep seated grooving to the battle."

Fair enough. Deep seated grooving is my favorite.


Yup, damn right.
"I know who this "coworker" is. His name starts with an "m" and ends with "ark ewing." I have to say I like a little bit of both lists, but #2 stands out to me more."

That's like, your opinion man.
"More sensual and slow. Playlist 1 is more dance or too happening. Hippity Hoppity!"

La Bouche cost Playlist 1 this vote.
"I'm guessing the other person is Albert."

Not a bad guess.
"I'm picking # 2 because I think its yours, Matthew. I'm trying to be supportive here. I think the give-away was Blackstreet. The difference between No Diggity and Don't Leave Me is the tub-thumping, which features in a lot of your embeds. I also just don't see Mr. Prime Beef bumping to a power ballad like I Have Nothing. On the other hand, I can see you doing a routine to Heavy D. Tell me I'm wrong. String the contest along. But don't be a hater. It's just your old pater."

Uh, thanks dad.
"Stuck way closer to being R&B, with a decent mix of fast and slow. Just way more heavy hitters in Playlist 2 compared to Playlist 1."

But Playlist 1 had a hell of a pitching squad.
"Matthew - I suspect I am voting for the wrong one, but it has one of my favorite songs... (name removed)"

Yup, you voted wrong :)

I had a quick chat with my playlist counterpart who agreed to have his name included in the results post as long as he was permitted to make a statement. That statement is copied verbatim.
"I regret very few of the decisions I've made in my life. Putting two La Bouche songs on a single playlist is one of those regrets." -mewing

That's right everyone the mystery playlist contributor was none other than Mark Ewing. Mark proved a worthy adversary and I am impressed with his depth of selections. He did make a tactical error with La Bouche x2 but a few of his selections, Montell Jordan, Tony Rich Project and Shai in particular, gave me pause when he played those cards.

In the end, playlist 2 (my playlist) took the prize by a 9 to 5 margin (yeah, there were 14 votes, my blog isn't that popular). In the end though, there is no loser, especially when you have a blog post which reminds people of the existence of this song:

Thanks for playing.

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robert said...

Next contest: The Romantic poets. I'll see your Elizabeth Barrett Browning and raise you Dante Rosetti. Keats my ass, chump.