Monday, September 08, 2008

You Rhyme Depressin', You Haven't Learned Your Lesson - The Issue I'm Stressin'

Monday down, four more days to go. Then one more day next week, then 14 days of vacation. Boo ya.
Work was OK today but I was there longer than I wanted to be. Headed back on the later shuttle this evening which is on track to put me back home only marginally later than the 5:30pm shuttle. Man, 101 traffic is painfully bad if you are on the road at 6pm. I keep talking about adjusting my schedule to account for this, but I probably never will.
Following the Minnesota/Green Bay game on the Yahoo! ticker right now and Adrian Peterson just scored on a 3 yard touchdown run. I picked Adrian first in our work fantasy draft this year which was a bit of a risk but so far I am feeling pretty good about that. Tom Brady (picked second) is potentially out for the season with a knee injury. I am playing against the guy who got a bargain on LT picking third this week and with Adrian Peterson already scoring me 17 pts this game, I am feeling pretty good about my chances - I was up 8 pts going into the evening where I have AP playing and he has Selvin Young and Minnesota defense.
Speaking of fantasy sports, I need to set my pitchers in my baseball league playoffs this week. OK done. Lincecum pitching against AZ tonight. Timmaaaay.
So, another "tribute" (read: mock-tastic) post along the lines of Sophia's affront to Alaskan sensibilities - Palin would be appalled - was posted by a coworker.   OK, you have jokes, not bad.
Caught up on a bunch of Sex and the City this weekend, the wifey and I are almost all the way through the series and I have to say the production value and the sriting of the show has gotten much better as it has progressed.  
OK hopping off the shuttle.  If you haven't checked out Mock, Paper, Scissors yet, do so, its pretty funny.
Make that money but don't let that money make you.


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