Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Hills Are Alive...

OK, that was a little weak with the lyrics, but shit, I am in the middle of Bavaria and the closest thing to modern music I have heard was Forever Young this morning at breakfast.
I am flying down the autobahn in the backseat of a rented Peugot station wagon on my way to Hallstatt, which is actually in Austria, not Bavaria. The trip has been a lot of fun. We have seen a ton of stuff (3 castles, 2 lakes, 3 grand churches, 1 Hitler house, about 20 mountain villages and, at last count, 2,952,652 cows). Beer with lunch is quickly becoming my new favorite habit. Going to bed early and spending an hour eating breakfast are competing for second. I believe the wifey and I are the youngest people in most of the places we have gone which both makes me feel awesomely with-it and surprisingly spry. Well, we are off the autobahn and I am missing all the scenery.
Smell ya later.


robert said...

Have all the young people fled the country? This is one of those teachable moments: You will remember when everyone seemed older than you.
Post-modern cynicism will have long since been replaced by a weary nihilism. No one will remember the bad old days. There will never have been good old days. There will only be a long slow slog to the grave if you have responsibilities, and a short trip when you opt out. No one will remember Frank Zappa who once said: "It is mother-fuckin' great to be alive."

Matthew Lewis said...

Ve believe in notzing!
Way to be a Debbie Downer dad. Seems like its been a rough September in Nome maybe. As for me, I just finished a bratwurst and a liter of beer. Das es gut.

robert said...

Congratulations on the cross-cultural experience. There was a time when I could drink a couple of pints of beer at a sitting. Mostly that was post-rugby game parties where everyone was exhausted and dehydrated anyway. I now lead a more contemplative life. I think about drinking beer. Say hello to the family.