Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Call These Rappers Baby Seals 'Cause They Club You To Death

Another late night in Mountain View tonight.  Tomorrow will be a bit late too because of some video conferencing with another office.  Today I was late because, frankly, I am going on vacation next week and I have a shit ton of work to do before I leave.  'Twill be a magical vacation though.  I'm considering smashing my blackberry before I leave in order to ensure that I am not tempted to check my email.  I am going to end up checking it anyway though.  Isn't T-Mobile from Germany or something?
Man, the late night commute is something else though.  Flying towards the city.  About to get off the freeway and I left Mountain View roughly 35 minutes ago.  For those of you not from and/or currently residing in the bay area, this is completely insane.
Ended up winning my fantasy football matchup this week.  Adrian Peterson came through for me even if Carson Palmer was a big fat dud.
It turns out that I am going to miss the basketball final in our Google league.  My prediction on this is that it has abolutely no bearing on the outcome of the game though I will be a little sad to miss the victory lap that I imagine Nate taking around the the court doing his characteristic old man shuffle jog.  My coaching advice - pass David the ball in the paint and play Dougherty aka "The Human Highlight Reel" at least half the game because, damn, that is just some fine basketballing.  
Tomorrow is Sara's birthday, happy early birthday Sara!  On a related note, I was thinking that I may have to edit all of my blog entries about my friend Sara and change her name from "Sara" to "Sara, not Palin", but I am going to assume that my readers are advanced to pick up on the subtle presence of the silent 'h' on one of their names....
OK, grind hard.

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robert said...

I figure that if this is rap music dumpsite, I can add on some non-rap harshness:

Talk about clubbing you to death, and being old and in the way, and out the door. I'm not sure it's sick, but it's definitely a slap in the face.