Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Beijing Summer Concert Series

Kunan and I went to the Beijing Pop Festival last weekend and rocked like champs. Photographic evidence follows. Brett Anderson was there, thats right loyal blog readers - THE Brett Anderson. Brett Anderson of Suede fame. Who is Suede you ask? I have no clue. Nine Inch Nails was there and Public Enemy did its best without Flava Flav or their normal DJ who I just found out is no longer Terminator X. According to Wikipedia Terminator X is now running an ostrich farm in South Carolina. Uh, weird.
Anyway, it was fun. The crowd was a strange mix of people. I am assuming this is because of the drastic variations in types of music that was presented. There were older Chinese rock and roll guys there for Cui Jin and Australians into industrial metal. Everyone got along fairly well.
OK photos. Enjoy. Kia shows up here on Thursday which is totally exciting.

Kunan + giant mojitos = awesome
The stage was set up with these rows of seats in the front. It was awesome to watch the security guards trying to make people sit down as the performances went on. They seriously wanted everyone to sit in their seats the whole time it was absolutely ridiculous.
OK, these go in series. There were these seats that the security guards were sitting in. We got away with it for a while....

Strangely enough, they never asked me to get up only Kunan....

Nine Inch Nails brought props.


Dan said...

classic series of pictures

Matthew Lewis said...

What those pictures don't tell you is that Kunan was sipping what was perhaps the strongest Long Island Iced Tea that I have ever tasted.

KunAn said...

Lewis and I have tried hard to be as local as possible, we will start selling watermelon on the steet ! One for five doullar, buy one free one