Friday, May 28, 2010

"Running Through Snow Like Blades In The Winter"

Haven't blogged in a while. Tough nuggz. Work has been a bit ape shit crazy. Lots of different things going on. Kia and I have had some visitors in town over the last month or so. Her mom, mom's boyfriend Cliff and (surprise!) little sister Josi showed up about a month ago and hung out for a couple weeks. My dad and step-mom Kirsten are in Ireland now heading back to the US tomorrow. Sara showed up this week and we had dinner and there have been a bunch of visitors from Mountain View/Beijing/Tokyo and Seoul to hang out with. Did a bunch of traveling but I will refrain from listing trips and rather work on posting some photos soon.
Anyway, the point is that I've been busy, so get off my back about blogging. Sheesh.
Kia and I are headed to Greece/Berlin/Croatia for a couple weeks leaving Saturday which are a welcome break at this point.
Been listening to Danny Brown the last few weeks and you should too.

Grind hard.


nelson said...

that guy has a big watch. nice!

robert said...

It's the real reason Matthew likes this guy.