Friday, August 20, 2010

Knocked Down Round For Round, You're Feeling Like You're Shot Down On The Ground

Back in Dublin from my leave. Things are progressing. The trip was bonkers fun. NYC was epic and included puking, things hitting me in the head from many stories above and of course the wifey's big 3-0. The cabin in Pennsylvania was super relaxing and it was good to catch up with the fam. AZ was great, beautiful scenery and nice to see Josiberry and her mutt. The big wedding in New Mexico was amazing and great to see the Santillanes clan and eat some green chile. SF was burrito and beer filled dopeness. Hopefully I will be back in Cali soon enough. Some music that has entertained me lately:

I've been pretty impressed with KiD CuDi.
This one isn't new but the song is pretty sick and the video is straight up nuts.

Turns out Boos was onto something with the Ratatat/Hot Chip recommendations about 2 years ago. Shout out to Boos.
Keep it crackalackin'.


Jason said...

Okay, that Hot Chip video was great. Ever see any Aphex Twin videos?

Nick Boos said...

Yup, there usually is something to my recommendations, as crazy as they seem. Dont even know how landed on your blog- this may be the third time Ive seen it ever. In any case, would be great to have a beer next week in DUB at the conference.