Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Watch For The Po-Po And Train At The Dojo

Headed down to Mountain View. Sleep schedule is severely screwed up at this point. I fell asleep at 4pm yesterday, got up at 10pm ate some food and went back to bed around 2am, up again at about 5am. Its going to be a dodgy day.
Surprising how easily it was to slide back into things in SF yesterday and I have to admit the ease of doing little things (ordering pizza from Pizza Orgasmica at 11pm yesterday for instance) is comforting. That said, I am not really looking forward to the next couple weeks of commuting down south. Perhaps the move to Dublin is my way of avoiding the commute without having to live in Mountain View.
Should be a relatively calm couple weeks at work getting myself ready for the big move. Luckily (for me) Kia is going to be handling a ton of the move logistics over the next couple weeks. It turns out that we are managing two moves basically sending half of our stuff and our car to AK and half to Dublin. Yikes.
OK, going to slog through my email backlog.
Keep it grimey.


Evan said...

which Dublin?

Matthew Lewis said...

This one: