Friday, February 06, 2009

I Got A Big Gun, I'm Like Little Dice, City Of God Duke

Did a quick search for "Verbal Kent" on YouTube because I heard this track on Indiefeed's Hip Hop channel:

Pretty sick. Speaking of Indiefeed I just caught a track from Josh Boots that was posted last year on their podcast. For those not in the know Josh is from Anchorage and is a member of Arctic Flow. AK stand up!
Caught this track on YouTube too. Pretty damned grimey.

Sean P. kills it.
There has been a lot of news lately about marijuana smoking in the Sumo world. Sumo might be the only sport where weed can be considered performance enhancing....
Grind hard.

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robert said...

Here's something to bring you down just a little bit: Grandma is actually aware of the Mongolian Yokozuna.
I have the impression that she is the recipient of Japanese "People-type" magazines from a local neighbor, and is au courant with Nipponese pop culture. I'm not sure she's hip to Sailor Moon, but she likes those cute animes.