Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I'm A Monster, I'm A Killer, I Know I'm Wrong

Headed up to SF on the shuttle now.  Actually just getting into the city as I type this.  In the bay area until Thursday around noon when I head back to Tokyo.  Things have been good.  The holidays in Alaska were a blast but cold as shit.  The house is still standing though apparently our cat is terrorizing the other animals in the house at this point (we took him up to stay in AK in anticipation of Kia coming to Tokyo at the end of January).  Anyway, the house in AK was nice and it was cool to be able to stay there over the holidays with my brother and his family.  
Trying to take care of a few things in the bay area before I head back to Tokyo.  Namely, I am trying to get my visa taken care of which has been a bit of a headache but the consulate has been really nice about it.  They are expediting the processing time and are supposed to get it back to me by the time I get on my plane Thursday.  We'll see.  
Alright, about to hop off the shuttle.

There's a little tidbit from the newish Kanye album. I know people are hating on the autotone but they can suck it.
Grind hard.

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