Wednesday, January 07, 2009

If Your Cup's Already Full Then Its Bound To Overflow

Almost back up to the city again so I will make this one quick.
Started listening to Matisyahu again over the Christmas break. I gave it enough of a rest in between the last obsessive ipod play cycle but I have a feeling I will go through about a month of intensive listening and get burnt again. Well, too bad for me but fear not faithful reader I am going to share:

I am of the opinion that he is better live than in the studio and based on the Hawaiian reggae band that I went to see in AK I am beginning to think that this is true with all reggae music. Further, I realized that I missed my calling as a reggae back up singer - you know the guy who just shouts "blap, budabapap!" That should have been me.
OK last night in the bay area, headed back to Tokyo tomorrow. Its been nice to be back and see everyone but I have to admit I am really pumped to be getting back to Japan. I think the fact that Kia will be headed out in a couple weeks is helping with that.
Grind hard.

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robert said...

I do not doubt that with the correct guide through the Ginza, you can be the guy who goes "blap, budabapap!" And, I imagine, there are places where you can actually be put on a spectrum of guys who are good to bad at going "blap, budabapap!" I have every confidence that you will do the rest of America proud.