Thursday, December 04, 2008

We Are Strong, No One Can Tell Us We're Wrong

Just got back from an evening of Pachinko and Japanese pancakes.  I have to say.  I am loving Tokyo at this point.  The team has been super awesome about showing me around.  In fact, last night we went to a videogame arcatde so between yesterday and today I feel like I have figured out some very quick ways to drop cash in Tokyo.  
For those of you who haven't eaten Japanese pancakes or okonomiyaki it is a magical food which both tastes delicious and I believe is the cure for the common cold.  Perhaps my Japanese comprehension needs some work though.
Pachinko and the Japanese arcade were pretty awesome too.  I managed to drop a fair amount of cash pretty quickly at pachinko meaning that I probably won't return anytime soon.  Hiroyuki from the team here is apparently quite the pachinko expert.  He did really well while the rest of us busted out within the first 15 minutes.  The pachinko parlor was intense though, extremely loud and smokey and filled with people who were taking the pachinko thing very seriously.  The arcade was actually quite similar in terms of the noise and visual stimulation.  It was awesome.  
Watching the Patriots/Steelers game on Japanese tv and it looks pretty damned cold in New England.  I think maybe I will try to watch all my NFL games in Japanese from now on. 
OK, so I was watching South Park online the other night and they had a scene where the town came together and sang "Love Is A Battlefield".  It reminded me of this clip (one of my favorite YouTube videos of all time):

Pete Rock is a freaky genius. Credit goes to Beniquez for showing me this clip something like two years ago now.
Oh and here is the original Pat Benatar video. This song is pretty bonkers. Yeah I said it.

Yeah, that video features a pretty intense dance off.  If you don't know, now you know.
OK bedtime. Keep it grimey


robert said...

So. Losing money on pachinko. Probably this means that you are now getting yakuza tatoos, and working on slicing off a digit. Have you appeared on any game shows yet?

Rowyn said...

hahaha Pat Benatar

Jonas said...

Oh man, Pete Rock is insane. I can't believe Beniquez shared that with you over two years ago, and you don't share it with 'us' until now. Man, I thought we were friends (:

Seems like Tokyo is treating you well, enjoy, keep it real.

robert said...

If you post a link to a West Side Story page, you can compare the bar scene with the Jets and the Sharks opener. As far as I can tell, this is one of the progenitors of all dance off scenes. You could go back to Guys and Dolls, but that was sort of a parody anyway. Just so everyone knows that really old people read this blog too.

Elizabeth said...

I really like your blogs when you're in Japan! I have a lot more to say about it.

Have you seen 13 Going on 30 (best movie ever)? Love is a Battlefield is totally the theme song. Pat Benatar is so fantastic. Great headbands.

robert said...

I am interested to understand why your blog is not listed on the Google Blog page. Is this some sort of indicator that you are not really considered a part of the Google family? Is there a "black sheep" blogger link that is only available to those of you who have some secret IT training? Does this have something to do with the word "grimey" being spelled with an "e?" I am really sifting the language here to understand this thing. Trial tomorrow: Defense: What the judge told me to do? I didn't understand. We'll see whether the old man can still sell tainted meat.