Monday, December 22, 2008

I Just Keep On Dune Methane

A week and a half since my last post is a long time. Tough noogies.
Work has been busy the last few weeks but a lot of fun.  I have been adjusting well - in my opinion - to Tokyo so far and have been having a blast.  Work is picking up a bit so there is lots to do and I am beginning to feel like the 5 months is going to go very fast.
That said, I'm not in Japan right now.  Some of you might be saying to yourselves, of course you're not in Japan, you're supposed to be in Alaska (thanks for taking the extra interest in my schedule).  To those people I would say, yes, yes I should be in Alaska and where am I actually?  Sitting on my couch in SF.  Now, lets be clear here, there are a ton worse places than sitting on my couch in San Francisco, I mean, I could be stuck in Seattle with no hotel rooms availble.  Quite frankly though, I would prefer to be in Anchorage at this point with my family.  My flight was canceled yesterday and the next available booking is on Christmas day.  Merry frickin' Christmas.  Now, not to get everyone too out of the Christmas spirit here but what really steams my ass about this situation is that apparently flights are going into and out of Seattle.  Yeah, its not like the airport is closed or anything.  Here is the big problem:

"The big problem, according to the airlines, has to do with the lack of de-icer. Alaska announced they may not have another shipment of deicer come in until today. The constant snowfall is another issue."

Seriously?  De-icer?  This is Alaska airlines here people, you should have like emergency reserves of de-icer and be controlling how much of it goes into the market like OPEC.  Good gravy.  So Kia and I spent the day trying to get through on Alaska airlines number yesterday and by the time we got through all they had left was Christmas day.  Again, could be worse so I will try not to gripe too hard here.
Updated some photos on the ol' picasaweb thing.  I consolidated all of my Tokyo photos to one folder as the separated folders was becoming a bit annoying to navigate but now I need to caption some of the photos so I don't forget where they came from.
For those of you who made it home for the holidays, enjoy - jerks.  For those of you still in the bay area either by choice or not, hit me up, I am going to begin swilling some spiked egg nog with the quickness.


robert said...

Sorry about your Christmas trip. This fits with my Christmas experience to date: zero entertainment. No Christmas party. No pound cake. No cookies. No gifts.

On the other hand, I have a hell of a lot of attachments to my crappy sentencing memo for the hearing in Kotzebue tomorrow. We're expecting the storm to continue until then anyway, so I probably won't get to go-- or I'll be stuck.

Matt Dougherty said...

I'm here. Come into work if you are bored.

Matthew Lewis said...

Yeah, I'm good.