Friday, October 03, 2008

Handle Hammers With Elegance

Sitting in the lobby at YouTube right now watching the screens flash by some sampling of video content.  Without audio, it makes absolutely no sense.
Meeting DP up here in San Bruno so he can give me a ride to SFO which is within shouting distance of where I am sitting.  Headed up to AK to handle some BI over the weekend.  Back early Monday after a red-eye.  Good times.  Looking forward to being home even if its just briefly.
Not particularly looking forward to the five hours of flying that is required to get me there and the five that it will cost to get me back on Sunday night.  Its interesting though that after flying across the ocean the five hours up to AK does tend to clip by fairly quickly.  One complaint I do have about the AK flight is that it doesn't generally have good entertainment options.  British Airways had some pretty legitimate movie screens in the headrests on the SF to London flight.  I ended up watching like 5 movies on the way back because I was trying to stay up.  The Forgetting Sarah Marshall movie, or whatever its called, was the best one.  I was pretty surprised by this because the movie looked absolutely horrible from the previews.  Watched Ironman again and was happy that it was watchable again within a couple months of first seeing it.  Watched Kung-Fu Panda too which was pretty legit but unfortunately represents Jack Black's continued decent into mainstream movies without edge.  Get that paper though Jack.  Speaking of Kung-Fu Panda, when I was in China one of the nicknames I managed to pick up was "panda" mainly due to my dead on panda impression and good nature but also perhaps due to my rotund physique - jerks.  When Kung-Fu Panda came out people basically though this was the most awesome thing ever.
Dan's here, grind hard.


Matt Dougherty said...

Holy crap, in and out again. What is BI? Oh, and we all know you are at the Sarah Palin rally. You left the All-Access pass out on your desk today.

robert said...

Bavarian In-laws.
Beer Intake.
Sarah Palin/Alaskana BI: Bethel IHOP