Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Capture Food With Lasso Loops

Shuttling north.  Wednesday down, two more to go.  Lots to do in the next couple of days to get my ducks in a row for Jason and Heather's visit - they get here Friday.  Looking forward to seeing those guys and taking some time off next week to show them around the city and the rest of the bay area.   Like I said, lots to do before then.
I have become mildly obsessed with Mario Kart for the Wii thanks to my coworkers and just spent the last 10 minutes learning about cheats and short cuts to give me a much needed advantage over my coworkers who are freakishly good at this game.  I was feeling good about beating my nephews soundly and repeatedly while I was in Anchorage but it turns out they weren't quite the experts that they said they were.  Lets just say they would get served at my work.
Pretty gassed at this point.  The 8am start this morning meant a 5:30am alarm which just ain't right.  If I didn't stay up til midnight last night reading my new book it probably wouldn't have been an issue.  But shit, what fun would that have been?
The first game of the World Series is on right now and apparently the Phillies are up 2-0.  I am rooting for the Rays in the series because I like BJ Upton (come to the Giants BJ) but also because I want to buy a Phillies hat but if they win the World Series I will look like a bandwagon idiot.  

Pretty cool hat though.   Go Rays.
Speaking of sports, the 49ers just fired Mike Nolan and are replacing him with Mike Singletary for what appears to be the rest of the season.  I have to say, I am not that impressed by the move.  I mean, the 9ers aren't playing good football, but Nolan is not necessarily the reason for this.  He was brought in to retool the team with Alex Smith and after the issues between the two of them I feel like Nolan deserved this year to see if an Alex Smith-less 49er team could peroform reasonably.  No one expects O'Sullivan to be a stand-out this year but if the team can finish strong and fortify in the off season Nolan's year will have been a success.  Oh well, I like Singletary, the jury is out on Martz still, if the offense doesn't average 25 points the rest of the season I am going to vote that they dump him and O'Sullivan.  Maybe they can go to Seattle and run a Starbucks together in the offseason.  Oh, and yes, if they bring Holmgren to San Francisco I am going to rock an Upper Playground logo shirt everyday for a week.  

Given the economic crisis I would like to encourage everyone to grind just a little harder than normal.

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robert said...

News Flash:

NYT reports that Sarah is shopping Tea! (or at least someone is on her behalf)

I think Tea should be considering whether they want to be in the middle of a contentious political campaign. Shouldn't they issue a statement or something? Can we get Kia to conduct a "Truth Squad" type of press conference?


Talk about your mixed (palette) messages. Red state values are not consistent this season's line. I'm thinking this year's hue tends toward the blues.