Monday, May 21, 2007

Great Wall

So a few coworkers and I went to the Great Wall on Sunday and it was pretty spectacular. The crowds were intense and I learned that I get almost no respect from people pushing through the masses.

We walked from the bottom (entrance) of the Wall to the highest point which as Mao Zedong said is the true mark of manhood, and damn, I am looking pretty manly.

For some reason (still a mystery to me) there were a number of bears at the exit of the Wall. It gave the experience a real theme park feel.

The roller coaster down the mountain helped drive this feeling home.

The views were amazing though even if it was a bit cloudy and rained part of the time. Also, this was the first outing with my new camera (Nikon D40) and it held up pretty well.

All of my photos are here


robert said...

If you are going to use curse words, you should know that we may have to flag your blog. Also, the whole "manly" thing is probably politically incorrect.

Matthew Lewis said...

Curse words?! Keep in mind that I was raised by you and that "damn" is about as tame as it gets....

robert said...

Is this like postcards? Put your life on the back of a picture, and let everyone in the world read it? At least with postcards, only the USPS has access. As for the raising thing, I will concede to the world at large that it takes at least a neighborhood. From which we have all eventually moved away.... at least temporarily.