Friday, May 18, 2007

First Post

If you are looking for this guy:

You are in the wrong place (please leave immediately).
If you are looking for a guy that kind of looks like this:

You are getting closer (God, do I really look like that?).
Anyway, this is my first blog post. I am in Beijing right now and I imagine this will be a good way for people to keep up to date with me. People that are not in Beijing right now that is.
I will put some pictures up when I get around to taking them. I am off to the Great Wall with some coworkers tomorrow so that should provide ample opportunities.
If you want to see some photos of previous trips to Beijing (other stuff too), look here


robert said...

Comment # 1: If you could find a picture of yourself holding a toad, and run a side-by-side, I would be less convinced that you have not featured in Harry Potter movies.

robert said...

Comment #2 Or more convinced, depending upon your reliance upon proper grammar.

Matthew Lewis said...

Dad, you are such a nerd.

robert said...

This from the guy portraying Neville Longbottom.