Friday, August 07, 2009

Hit Like Barry, Score Like Jerry

Haven't been posting much lately. Work has been extra grindy lately. Been playing a mess of ps3 lately. Even went back and restarted both Resistance and GTAIV which has been pretty fun. Haven't started playing Fallout 3 yet but I will.
Because my ipod crashed and my hard drives with all of my music are safely tucked away in a box in AK I have been listening to what little music I had on my laptop HD. Needless to say, shuffle on my ipod has been exposing me to stuff outside of the norm. This is the long and useless way I am trying to explain that I have been listening to San Quinn. A couple West Coastin' anthems for you:

I think I saw Dougherty and his dogs in the background on that one.

OK I will point this out up front, the hook on this track is a little questionable. I have to admit though, I have watched this particular video like 5 times in the last couple days.
Things are kosher though. Work is busy but that seems par for the course. The Giants are playing decent baseball despite their utter lack of a batting line-up. I do like the fact that Pablo Sandoval's nickname is freaking Kung-Fu Panda. At the beginning of the Giants season I said that if the Giants can stay at .500 going into the all-star break and scoop two decent bats in trades they could make the playoffs. Well, they are better than .500.... Hell, as of today they own the third best record in the NL (60/48). Go Giants!
Alright all for now, grind hard.

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robert said...

Okay. Look. The whole S.F. video thing is overdone. Do a video of Wichita Falls. See how that comes across.

Here's an alternative reality, The Reverend Horton Heat:

I particularly liked the cameo by the Powerpuff Girl.