Monday, August 06, 2007

I Got a Sickness, and the Only Cure is More Dilla

OK, this Dilla video is the sickness. Just had to post it. I know I am leaning pretty hard on video content, so sue me.
Went on an offsite with my work on Friday and came back on Saturday. It was at a resort about 30 minutes from work where they had water-slides and various other activities (fishing, bowling, tennis, badminton, ping pong, KTV - that's right). It looked like it was set up to be primarily a get away from the city within the city. In that sense it was a little strange. Other than that it was a pretty low key weekend. Finally watched Munich and Troy, they were good and bad respectively. Eric Bana was good in both, but I have decided I only want to see Brad Pitt play deranged characters (Gypsy in Snatch, Lunatic in 12 Monkeys and to a lesser degree Psychopath in Fight Club) other than that forget about it.
Headed back to California on 8/22 for about 10 days or so. Looking forward to catching up with folks and spending time with the wifey. After that its about another 3 months before I will be back in the states. Still working out travel for Kia and myself in September but I am sure which ever way it falls it will be a blast.
Enjoy the video.


Sara said...

dude, Troy was AWESOME. that fight scene between eric bana and brad pitt was about the hottest thing I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot of hot things. trust me on this one.

Matthew Lewis said...

Yes, thanks for pointing out the hotness, it was somewhat lost on me. I now see the appeal of such things and will edit my imdb scoring of the movie accordingly.