Tuesday, December 14, 2010

When Balck Smif N' Wessun Started Wrecking They Shows

Shuttling north right now. Commute today has been nuts because of the weather. Rainy. Stupid precipitation.
Moved into the new apartment over the weekend. Borrowed Lasse's van, which is creepy but fully legit, and ran a ton of errands. Staying at grandpa's was actually pretty OK for the last couple weeks. I think he appreciated the company and my aunt Pam came up from TX for the last week which was pretty fun.
The new apartment is pretty legit. Getting set up. Kia has been unpacking and setting stuff up the last couple days and its starting to look reasonable. Got some good deals on furniture from a coworker which helped a lot. Mattress got delivered today and the internet went in so we are officially a couch away from being real people.
The apartment is a couple of blocks above Haight st. which will work well for the shuttle and gives us access to Cole Valley and Haight/Ashbury which should be good.
Gotta run and grab a secret Santa gift in the Haight before I get home to finish setting up furniture. Shuttle ride has officially been 1.75 hours and will be on the better side of 2 hours by the time I get there. Well, at least I don't live in Mountain View.

Props to Free's beard. Extra grimey. Also shout out to Brother Ali's voice cracking.
Keep it grindy.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Real Noreaga, He Owe Me A Hundred Favors

Shuttling back to the east bay right now. This has been my first day back at work which has been pretty good so far even though I made some tactical calendar errors my first day. Staying with gramps in the east bay has been as expected which is to say its been very nice of him and a little bit odd at the same time. Kia has been on the apartment hunt pretty hard the last few days trying to lock something down in the city with limited success but then again, its only been three days.
The last few months have been pretty hectic with the decisions to leave and come back to Google even though I never really left but in the end, here we are, back in the bay, doing big things.
Had a pretty epic month off mostly spent in Anchorage relaxing and spending time with family. Kia and I went to Maui for a week which was super chill and fun. Lasse came up to Anchortown for the Thanksgiving holiday and we showed him around a bit, taught him about American food, went snowboarding and introduced him to the locals. Some of his photos are here.
This is the anthem for the week.

Like a boss.
Keep it grimey.