Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Who Fuses The Music With No Illusions?

So I haven't updated my blog since my sister guilted me about not posting photos from Japan. Thanks Liz. Well, it worked. Here are a few.
Actually, I have been playing with my gorillapod lately which has been a ton of fun and has allowed me to take photos at night. Thanks to Hessam for the tip.

From Shibuya_Ebisu_Night 2009

From Shibuya_Ebisu_Night 2009

From Shinjuku 2009

From Ginza_Tokyo Tower 2009

From Ginza_Tokyo Tower 2009

From Ginza_Tokyo Tower 2009

From Ginza_Tokyo Tower 2009

From Ginza_Tokyo Tower 2009

OK, that's it for now. If you are jonesing for some more hit the picasaweb album and take a look. Things in Tokyo are good. Kia is keeping herself entertained. She recently discovered Tokyu Hands which is a "creative life store". I would say that sums us up at this point. Trying to figure out next steps after Tokyo. Anyone want to halfsies on a beach front bar in Kauai? No? Fine. Jerks.
Grind hard.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Divide And Conquer, On The Low We Grow Stronger

Another track from Indiefeed's hip hop channel. This one is pretty nuts.

Mr. Lif makes me want to get Crunky.

Speaking of which has anyone seen the Lil' Jon mashup with the Nickelodeon kids show? I refuse to link it here and I won't reveal my source (its not who you would think surprisingly) and, I don't recommend watching it if you are offended by, well, anything. But damn, that junk is hilarious.
OK, one more video.

Is it me or is ODB the host for this show? Oh, and I am just putting this out there, despite the fact that there is time travel involved I am about 90% sure that some of these guys stole my dance moves from the recent Wurmcock (Wurm/Hitchcock - don't look at me like that) wedding.
Oh, Tokyo, yeah things are good. Kia is getting along well and we have been adventuring a bit on the weekends. Work has been busy but pretty fun. Its less than two months more in Tokyo and there are still tons of things to do at work and outside of work. Surprising how quickly the trip is coming to an end.
OK, grind hard.

Friday, February 06, 2009

I Got A Big Gun, I'm Like Little Dice, City Of God Duke

Did a quick search for "Verbal Kent" on YouTube because I heard this track on Indiefeed's Hip Hop channel:

Pretty sick. Speaking of Indiefeed I just caught a track from Josh Boots that was posted last year on their podcast. For those not in the know Josh is from Anchorage and is a member of Arctic Flow. AK stand up!
Caught this track on YouTube too. Pretty damned grimey.

Sean P. kills it.
There has been a lot of news lately about marijuana smoking in the Sumo world. Sumo might be the only sport where weed can be considered performance enhancing....
Grind hard.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I Dip Through, In That Six Trey Like Sick 'Em Dre

Listening to the new Eminem/Dre/50 Cent track. Its pretty legite.
Haven't posted much since the wifey arrived. Tough noogies. Things are good though. Kia is settling in. The apartment is a bit of a squeeze but its working out. This last weekend was Kia's first in Tokyo. We went to look at an apartment (it was whatever) in Roppongi and walked from Roppongi back to Shibuya. On Sunday we went to Yoyogi park and checked out the temple that I didn't get to see last time I went to the park because the entrance to it closes at 4pm and I am a lazy bastard. The temple was nice though.
Got back from eating ramen a little bit ago. The place was a little grimey but the food was magical. I am kind of convinced that I can't tell the difference between good and great ramen though. It all tastes great to me at this point. Its a nice problem to have.
Messed around a bit with the ol' camera tonight. Ken Rockwell had some tips to help deal with the washed out aspects of the photos that I have been taking. We will see if it helps or not.
Anyway, things are good. Work is busy but I am having fun.
Its Kia's sister Josi's birthday today - Happy birthday Josi! It was also a bean throwing holiday today called Setsubun. Do the knowledge. Apparently there are demons or "oni" that you are featured in celebrations. "Demons out! Luck in!" is the phrase you shout as you throw beans around the house. Kia and I didn't participate this year. The oni aspect reminded me of the Momotaro book that I had as a kid. Damn, that book was cool.
OK, bed time. Keep it grimey